Sarah is the Lead Designer here at Dead Legacy which means all the designs you see on the website have been created by her and her team. We had a quick chat with Sarah to find out her inspirations, a sneak peek into DL’s new designs and some advice for budding designers.

Tell me about your role as the menswear designer?

Being the menswear designer holds a lot of responsibility towards the direction we take at DL. From the initial design process looking at upcoming trends through to sampling up the designs and choosing the perfect fabric and colour. A combination of product and graphic design, it’s a creative and challenging role, I thoroughly enjoy every day.

What the best thing about working at Dead Legacy?

Dead Legacy is such a friendly and small knit team, so we all get the chance to influence decisions where we take the brand. It is an incredible opportunity to be so involved with the direction DL is moving towards.

Why did you choose menswear over womenswear?

I prefer Menswear aesthetically over Womenswear. Fabrics and smaller details are key within Menswear, and that is important to me in design, especially at DL. We want our products to always have the extra detailing and innovative branding.

What’s your favourite item you have designed?

Our suedette bombers are a personal favourite, soft to touch and can quickly smarten up any of our t-shirts into evening wear. The silky lining with the hidden pocket is also a bonus.

What new styles are you looking to bring to Dead Legacy?

We love a printed T-shirt at DL, but we also want to add more key staple pieces to our loyal customer’s wardrobes. Look out for the new casual wear and smarter pieces emerging in our spring summer 17 range.

What advice do you have for someone that wants to become a fashion designer?

Work hard and have the determination to keep thriving forward. Your portfolio is vital, but always make sure you can show your personality and passion.

What trends should we look out for?

Autumn Winter key styles are definitely our new curved hemline products, teamed with casual joggers or dressed up with the bomber. We love making our products highly varied so our customers can get as much wear out of their favourite pieces.