Top Tips To Help You Get On Top Of Your Spring Clean Game

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We’re well into springtime now – it officially began on the 20th of March. In fact, you can already tell spring is in the air: the temperature is rising, the sun is shin – OK, well it’s getting warmer at least, which means the time has come around again to get your game on with a spring clean of your wardrobe. It’s a tough task, and there are some tricky decisions ahead, so here are our top tips to help you decide what makes the cut.

“Embrace The Purge”

It’s a common refrain amongst girls for when they get onto their spring clean, but it’s equally applicable for us guys, too. The core principle of it is to get rid of clothes that have been in your wardrobe for years. You know; the ones you never wear. There’s no shame in it – we’ve all got them – but now’s the time to make the tough decision. Maybe they’re ripped or damaged, maybe they don’t fit you anymore or perhaps they just don’t mesh anymore with your very own personal style. If you want, you can keep them around for spare painting clothes (or similarly messy jobs) but otherwise, definitely scrap them.

Having trouble making a decision? That can often be a sign in itself – unless you think ‘yes, I am definitely wearing this’, it can be a good signal that what you’re holding needs to go in the bargain bin.

Look After What’s Left

Once you’ve completed your purge, everything left over will, by default, be valuable to you. That means you’ll want to keep them on point, so that they both look good and you get as much use out of them as you can. Particularly expensive clothes might even call for professional cleaning. Sure, you might not leap at the idea, but if they were worth buying in the first place, they’ve got to be worth the investment to keep them looking great, right?

Storage is an aspect which lots of guys neglect. As you may have heard us say before, the fit is everything when it comes to mastering men’s urban style. It might be the most well-designed men’s tee in the world, but if it hangs off you in the wrong places then the whole effect is lost. Make sure you’re hanging up what needs to be hung up so that you’re not losing definition in the shoulders, and everything that needs folding is indeed properly folded. It might seem a chore, but trust us – you’ll thank us later.

Changing Seasons – But Not Your Staples

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You probably know your wardrobe staples already; your crew necks, boxers and socks are first amongst them. Since we’re talking about what to look after, these staples should be top of your list. Trends come and go – you can choose to move with them and put your own personal spin on them, or ignore them entirely. But above all else, make sure you’ve got the building blocks of your personal style, and that they’re kept in top condition. Besides – real talk, here – having a pair of boxers with a hole in the wrong place isn’t even a matter of style. That just comes down to basic dignity.

We know that a good spring clean can sometimes leave a lot of gaps in your wardrobe – but don’t worry, we’ve got some fresh new threads to fill those gaps, with new lines dropping all the time. You can check out our very own range of Dead Legacy men’s tees for the latest and greatest in men’s urban style, or round off your look with one of our men’s jackets to ward off what’s left of those winter chills.


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