The 3 Best Travel Apps You Need On Your Phone This Summer

travel app on phone

We were lucky enough to get our first taste of summer sunshine this week here in Britain, which has already got us thinking about our summer plans! If you’re switching up your urban style for sunnier destinations in the coming months, we’ve got some brilliant suggestions on the best apps to help you prepare…

We’ve had our first proper taste of a cheeky bit of sunshine in the past week – and it’s about time! Here at Dead Legacy we think that, like us, it’s probably set you dreaming of your summer plans already, especially if you’re jetting abroad to make the most of that brightness and warmth. We’re right there with you, and that’s why this week on the blog we’ve got some top suggestions for the best travel apps to have on your phone this summer. Trust us – they’re well worth a look!

1. Hopper

You’ll already know this if you’re a seasoned globetrotter, but flights are often by far the most expensive part to book of any holiday. If you’re travel savvy you can nab European quick city breaks for under £100, but flights further afield to places like the US or Asia will set you back much, much more. That’s where Hopper comes in. It’s an awesome little app that automatically searches for the cheapest, most convenient flights so you can get yourself some brilliant deals, saving you more spending money for your actual holiday. What’s not to like there?

flight app for phone

As well as predicting the optimal time to book by watching for price-drops or airline deals, it sends you push notifications so you don’t even have to bother to keep checking back. If you’ve ever found yourself constantly flicking back and forth between twenty tabs on Google, you’ll know what we’re talking about!

It’s even got a visual calendar, so you can pick out the key information at a rapid pace. All told, if you’re going overseas, Hopper is well worth a look.

2. Rome2Rio

This one was started by two ex-Microsoft engineers, so you know right out of the gate that it’s going to be up there with the best. They got their heads together back in 2011, having found themselves sick of the lack of quick, easy-to-use global search engines geared around transport. Rome2Rio is designed to solve exactly that problem. Basically, it’s a global trip planner that aims to help you get absolutely anywhere – literally. Just enter in any town, address or landmark, anywhere on the planet, and Rome2Rio will search its own database to bring you travel times, schedules and fares, whether you’re driving or taking flights, trains, buses, ferries or taxis.

taxis in Rome

Not only is this helpful when you’re pinning down your travel plans before you go, but it can help you spend the bare minimum of mugging about when you’re actually in your destination, too. Once landed, nobody wants to spend ages milling about on a hot street in a foreign country with no idea how to get to the hotel. Just pop in your details, hang tight for a second and then adjust your plan armed with your new information. Sorted.

3. WifiMapper

OK, it’s kind of a running joke that we all can’t get off our phone nowadays, but come on – no one can deny that they’re pretty useful. Whether we’re planning our days, organising our journeys, or meeting up with our friends, Wifi is pretty much a travel essential nowadays. Which is why it’s great that there’s WiFiMapper! It calls itself the world’s largest Wifi database, tracking free Wifi hotspots all over the world.

free wifi on phone

No prizes as to why that’s useful on holiday! First off, you save a tonne on roaming charges. Not only is it amazing for finding the hottest venues in town, but it’s handy for rendezvousing with your mates and even sending a cheeky Snapchat or two back home. Plus, there’s the emergency aspect – if you get into a tough spot or you need to get a message to someone quickly, finding out what you need via Wifi is always going to be quicker than stumbling your way through the local language with a confused passer-by.

Those are just our suggestions of course – you might well have your own all lined up for the warm weather to properly hit! As well as getting your phone prepared, it’s important to have your men’s urban style squared away, too. We’ve got you covered – there’s a whole lot of choice amongst our men’s t shirts, and don’t forget to switch up your legwear for the warmer climes with our array of shorts for men.

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