Refresh your Style for Freshers

With everyone going back to university or entering their first year, fresher’s week is a maker or a breaker for most of us. Juggling the temptation of having that extra 241 shot or feeling fresh for that 9am lecture is a real-life struggle. You might just want to curl up in your bed and sleep forever but you need to graft to get to where you want to be in life. That means actually going to your lectures and seminars lads!

You need to ben dressing comfy yet sleek Don’t worry though, we have your backs. We got you covered on the style front with all new dropping every week.

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Just focus on curing your hangover and we’ll have you sorted with fresh new clothing to hide the fact you feel vile.

The Casually Cool Tracksuit

For those days when you just need to chuck on an outfit and go. A tracksuit is the most wearable co-ord out there. Just simply pair with a printed graphic tee and you’re good to go!

Dead Legacy Belford Poly Tracksuit

The Hungover 9am Lecture Sweat

Dead Legacy Glacier Sherpa Sweat

For those days when the only emotion is regret from the night before. Style out your drinking sins in a comfortable borg sweat. Ideal when you want to wear your duvet to uni.

The Goes with Anything Tee

Dead Legacy Kita Ringer T-Shirt

A t-shirt is an obvious staple in every mans wardobe. Add a sporty twist with striped tipping detail on the neckline and sleeves. Make sure your tee has a sporty energy even if you don’t.

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