Our Pick Of Top Personal Grooming Products To Enhance Your Style

man with grooming products

We’re strong believers in the idea that if you’re going to work hard at your personal style – and you should! – it’s worth paying attention to all aspects of your appearance. It’d be a shame to step outside ready to smash it in one of our Dead Legacy printed tees, only to realise everyone’s noticed your unlucky razor burn this morning. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top three recommendations for grooming products to enhance your men’s urban style – and don’t forget to stay tuned for further updates in future posts!

Clinique Skin Supplies For Men Face Scrub (100ml)

It’s not got the snappiest of names, but this face scrub is beloved by guys everywhere in the UK. Often hailed as a pre-shave essential, it’s a great choice even for those with more sensitive skin, as it contains rounded granules that guarantee a smooth experience in every sense of the word.

Whether you’re going clean cut or you’re cultivating some serious facial hair, Clinique’s Face Scrub is great for lifting your beard, reducing in-grown hairs and clearing the way for even closer shaves. It’s also a solid choice for jetting abroad for some serious sunshine, as mentioned in some of the many top reviews it’s getting from guys online. (Speaking of international holidays, if you’re planning yours right now it’s well worth checking out our last post about the 3 best travel apps to have first!)

Origins For Men – Fire Fighter (50ml)

razor burn

Effectiveness aside for the moment, these guys are already showing Clinique how it’s done in the naming department! Fire Fighter claims to ‘take the burn out of shaving’, and according to its many happy customers, it’s spot on for doing just that. Let’s be honest, razor burn is a familiar experience for every guy at one time or another. It’s one thing having it in the morning before work, but it’s a total nightmare to scratch your throat raw just before a date or a big night out – it can totally undermine your personal style.

That’s where Origins For Men – Fire Fighter comes in. With chamomile, cucumber and winterbloom, it soothes your skin to leave it cool and comfortable before you head out the door. Then there’s the added ingredients of Eucalyptus and peppermint to give you that final burst of fresh energy, whatever you’re gearing yourself up for. It’s definitely one that no bathroom shelf should be without.

(Tired of razor burn already? Not long ago we reviewed some of the best subscription razor services available in the UK – be sure to check it out!)

Dior Homme Cologne Eau de Toilette Spray (75ml)


You might not think too much of a cologne in your day-to-day, but if you’re hitting town or meeting someone special for a cheeky drink or two, you definitely want something on hand to give yourself a quick spritz before you go. If so, Dior Homme Cologne Eau de Toilette Spray is pretty much ideal. It’s fresh, citrusy, but not too overpowering – which is a mistake all of us occasionally make! Plus, it’s made by the masters, as Dior blend together Calabrian Bergamot, Grapefruit Blossom and White Musks. Don’t get distracted by the fancy names – this cologne doesn’t try to be too complicated. It’s not complex, not mystifying – it’s fresh and it smells good. That’s all there is to it! We’re big fans of keeping it simple here at Dead Legacy – as you probably know if you’ve just taken a quick glance at our Basics Range of mens clothing.

In fact, once you’ve got your grooming game on-point, you’ve got no shortage of options to perfect your personal style amongst our ranges of original Dead Legacy designs – it’s not just men’s tees, but men’s sweatshirts and men’s shirts too. Take a quick look through our stock, and see what catches your eye!

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