Why you should never forget the basics when it comes to urban style

basic white

Let’s be real for a second – finding your personal style is hard. Sometimes it even takes years, and there’s a lot of experimentation required along the way. And of course, finding your personal style is a lot like everything else; you’ve always got to start with your style basics. Even once you’re looking fly without feeling shy, it’s important not to leave the basics behind. Trust us, apart from being eternally comfortable, they’re always going to be useful. Let’s take a look at the reasons…

Your style basics are timeless

As the saying goes, sometimes less is more. One of the greatest things about your style basics is that they’re unmoved by the latest trends. This makes them universally useful, whether you’re the kind of guy who likes to adapt your personal style according to the latest cutting-edge trends, or you just prefer to go with your own flow, regardless of what everyone else is wearing. Your wardrobe basics will always be reliable fall-backs that make for an understated style that speaks for itself.

After all, it’s right there in the name. At the end of the day, your basics are building blocks for your personal style, perfect for layering how you want. That makes them ideal for adapting to these trends, or ignoring them entirely as you evolve your style in a whole new direction.

They’re unmoved by seasons

On a slightly related but still separate note, another great thing about your style basics is that they’re equally immune to seasons. Now, we have to make an important distinction quickly – trends and seasons are sometimes used interchangeably, but they’re not necessarily the same thing. We’re talking about seasons like summer, winter, autumn, that sort of thing. Trends on the other hand change more often than that. You can have several trends that change multiple times within a single season.


And again, that’s the beauty of style basics like a simple white tee. Most people dress for seasons, with spring and summer seeing brighter colours (like those you can see in our Holiday Edit) while chillier months tends to see accordingly darker, more muted colours. And while you might not see many Waikiki tees in December, your basics range will stay stylish all year round. A lot of the tees we stock right here at Dead Legacy are monochrome – the epitome in timeless style!

Style basics are great for almost any occasion

Dressing for the occasion is often a key part of style. Sure, you want to make a statement with what you wear, but the key to properly standing out is doing it in the right way. Take turning up for a date as a classic example. It’s sometimes a tricky one to navigate – you don’t want to turn up looking overdressed, but at the same time something like our dragon or skull tees might be a little too bold for a first impression if you want to play it cool. A simple tee and jeans combo from our basics range is the perfect compromise. They’re relaxed but versatile, with muted colours for that classic understated style, letting the cut and fit speak for itself.

And if you’re not sure where to start with your style basics, or you’re just starting to build yours – you guessed it, we’ve got plenty of options for you right here at Dead Legacy. Click here to shop the look online, or alternatively you can find out the latest lines we’re dropping right here!

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