Here’s why you should be following The Rock on Instagram

dwayne johson with fans

Well first of all, it allows you to see what the Rock is cooking. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson used to be a name known only to hardcore pro wrestling fans, but nowadays he’s basically become a household name. And while a lot of that is to do with his high-octane action movie career, he’s also worked hard to build a loyal following of millions through his amazing social media mastery. He’s funny, he’s sincere, he’s inspirational – and there’s no doubt that he’s a true icon of men’s urban style. This week here at Dead Legacy, we take a look at how the Rock has built his army of followers, and why you should already be thinking about joining them!

He takes care to be inclusive

Above all else, the Rock follows one of the golden rules of any social media following – the man cares about his audience. Amongst the many examples we could name, he shone the limelight on his followers when some of them dressed up as him on Halloween, proudly proclaiming “you all are clearly gonna get a lot of candy”. In fact, Johnson has mastered that very rare art of social media in that he almost never seems like he’s just posting for himself – even when he’s in full-on promotional mode. When he’s promoting his latest films for example, he takes care to let his fans in on all secrets behind the scenes, giving his films exposure while making his fans feel valued at the same time.

dwayne johnson and kevin hart

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His posts have an awesomely wide appeal

One of the reasons that the Rock is such a social media king is that he knows his fanbase is made up of a lot of guys and girls with lots of different interests. There are the action-movie audiences, the gym and fitness buffs, the pro-wrestling fans and even the proud parents. He finds ways to bring that all together, with a mix of video and photo content that bring us closer to all aspects of his high-roller but often weirdly relatable lifestyle. Sure, he owns his own gym, but he also gets saddled with the kids at family gatherings, and dresses up to impress his children. As well as throwbacks to his wrestling days to keep his long-term fans engaged, he also highlights art he likes, and memes he’s been sent by fans. He’s quick to laugh at himself with his own (very) occasional fashion stumbles – of course, not something you have to worry about with these sweet Dead Legacy tees!

He’s endlessly cheerful, and effortlessly inspirational

dwayne johnson and daughter

Almost every single post the Rock makes has one thing in common – he’s so relentlessly enthusiastic in everything he does, and he’s brilliantly inspirational as a result. The man is an entertainment legend, but makes it clear that he gives it 110% every day to make that happen – not something you see in everyone’s Instagram feed. The Rock goes out of his way to post his more vulnerable side as well, noting injuries he had and using them to motivate his fans through darker moments. His roaring success is tempered with his humility and hard-working ethic, which all combine to make him an amazing role model for guys and girls alike. And that’s not even to go into his charitable work, such as inviting some of his youngest fans to come visit him on the sets of his movies. Recently, he took part in a national US event called the Murph Challenge, using the power of his social media following to highlight the sacrifices of the US military.

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