Got that Love Island feeling? Here are 5 of the top dating apps

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Love Island has already been back on our screens for a few weeks now, and already there’s romance and drama, heroes and villains… and Jack Fincham’s teeth. Wow. Just – wow. And if the summer’s got you in the mood for some lovin’, allow us at Dead Legacy to give you a leg up. Of course, for your first port of call, you’re going to want to make sure your men’s urban style is on point. Once you’re satisfied you’re looking sharp, you might want to think about trying one of these dating apps…

1. Tinder

Let’s just get this one out of the way quickly. You know the score here. Tinder is the big daddy. The king of the hill. The undisputed champ of casual dating apps. It hit 50 million users back in late 2014, and those numbers are still counting! That means it’s got a huge pool of choice, and it also means it’s one of those apps where you’re most likely to have an actual conversation. Profiles involve a quick 500-character bio, and up to 6 images. It’s that effortless format which won it millions of fans all over the world, and it’s still going strong. Love it or hate it, Tinder’s here to stay. (If you’re thinking about ways to really make your profile pop, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our range of Dead Legacy t shirts for men!)


2. Happn

Here’s one you might not have heard of. Happn uses your location to show you singles with whom you’ve recently crossed paths. So if you hang out at the same coffee shop, chances are it can help you get the number of that cute lady at table two, even after she walks out the door. It also tells you how many times you’ve crossed paths with the same person, so it’s one of those few apps which can finally truthfully claim to hook you up with hot singles in your area. (Hot singles from other areas don’t show up on the feed, you see.) Just be careful using it on your lunch break at work – if any of your colleagues use it, they’ll be the first to show up!

3. Tastebuds

It sounds like an innuendo, sure, but what the app’s name is referring to in this case is actually musical tastes. (Perfect if you’re a fan of our rock t shirts here at Dead Legacy!) The app uses musical tastes to guess who you’re compatible with, letting you flick through individual profiles to see all their favourite tunes. You can even send a track to users before or after they match you, which is a neat touch. The interface is clean and simple, but it takes a bit of a steady hand, as it’s all too easy to skip people you didn’t mean to. Tread with caution.


4. Bumble

If you’ve already braved the world of online dating once already, you’ve probably heard of Bumble. To be honest it’s a lot like Tinder, but with one crucial difference – here, it’s the ladies who kick off the convos. That way, the girls get more power in fending off the creepier comments. As for us, it encourages a more gentlemanly approach from the lads, and takes a bit of pressure off us to come up with the chat-up lines too. To be honest, we see it as pretty much a win-win for everyone involved.

5. Badoo

Badoo has long been a hot competitor to Tinder. Well, alright, it’s actually the biggest dating app in the world. Right now, there are more than 370 million users from more than 190 different countries. It uses some pretty varied means to find matches, including the tried-and-tested Tinder-style swipe system, but also a couple of other interesting measures, too. For one thing, it makes sure that all of its users are actual verified people, rather than infamous ‘catfishers’. It uses methods like uploaded photos, connected social media accounts and phone verification – so unlike one or two other dating apps, when you get talking to someone, you know it’s the real deal. What better opportunity to wow them with the freshest threads from our New In category?

Whether you’re on the lookout for love or you’re happy as a lone wolf, here at Dead Legacy we’re on a mission to keep you looking at your best. And as the summer’s almost in full swing, we think you should definitely check out what we’ve got in store when it comes to our Dead Legacy shorts. Looking sharp, and feeling cool – what better combination could there be?

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