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Refresh your Style for Freshers

With everyone going back to university or entering their first year, fresher’s week is a maker or a breaker for most of us. Juggling the temptation of having that extra 241 shot or feeling fresh for that 9am lecture is a real-life struggle. You might just want to curl up in your bed and sleep […]

Why you should never forget the basics when it comes to urban style

basic white

Let’s be real for a second – finding your personal style is hard. Sometimes it even takes years, and there’s a lot of experimentation required along the way. And of course, finding your personal style is a lot like everything else; you’ve always got to start with your style basics. Even once you’re looking fly […]

3 of the most shocking World Cup moments from history


Don’t deny you’ve been tuning into the World Cup this year. Even if you weren’t before, you definitely have been since Tuesday. We’re all right there with you. From Japan’s surprising 2-1 victory against Colombia (who did not have a good year) to Argentina’s ‘Great Escape’ against Nigeria, this year has already given us a […]

Jordan Adefeyisan demonstrates how to get the Love Island look

Jordan Adefeyisan Love Island

Love Island has absolutely dominated our screens lately, with more twists and turns than ever. Tonight is bringing a brand new shake-up – we’re about to see 12 new contestants enter the villa. It looks like things are heating up even more in the scorching Majorca paradise! In keeping with the show’s vacation vibes, our […]