Casual But Confident: How To Get Tom Hardy’s Look

tom hardy at cannes

There are lots of ways we can describe the unquestionable icon of style that is Tom Hardy, but we’ve got to admit that GQ Magazine probably did it best when they simply named him as one of their 50 best dressed men. The man has truly mastered everything you could ever need in men’s urban style – rugged masculinity, effortless confidence and the wisdom to always know the outfit that works best for the occasion. If you’re one of the many looking to get the Tom Hardy look for your own personal style – and rest assured, you’re not the only one – we’ve collected some top tips for you below.

The Key To Mastering Tom Hardy’s Casual Style

If there’s one thing we can say for Tom, it’s that the guy knows how to make a simple jeans and tee combo look good. How does he do that? Well, essentially he keeps things clean and simple. Rather than covering himself in brands and logos, his tees are basic, often in one solid colour. That gives plenty of options when it comes to layering his outfit. A simple design like our very own Tom Hardy men’s t-shirt can be paired with a checked shirt, for a look that’s uncomplicated but with a nice bit of visual flair, too.

tom hardy men's t shirt

He does pay attention to the fit – as should you! That way, all the attention is on his physique rather than on his the logo of his “brand du jour.” Find the tee that fits – as a man who started his career as a model, you’d never find Mr Hardy in a baggy t-shirt or Dad-jeans. We’d advise tightening up your jeans a bit with a slimmer fit, and a clean pair of sneakers to round off a classic but relaxed look.

Finding The Outerwear Worthy Of The Outfit

Even if you’re not a Batman fan, if you’ve heard of Tom Hardy you’ll almost certainly have seen a picture of him killing it as the terrifying Bane. Bane’s signature look is the sheepskin military jacket, which he brought back from the brink of association with bad football managers.

Though in his everyday life Tom’s not always rocking something quite as showy, you can see echoes of his memorable screen presence in the leather bomber jackets he’s fond of wearing. There’s a reason for that – bomber jackets walk that perfect line between being understated but practical, especially in chilly British weather. Keeping yours short and bulky is a good option, giving definition to your shoulders – our personal favourite is a shearling jacket, for the ideal combination of style and warmth.

The Right Way To Bear The Beard

tom hardy beard

It’s perhaps one of the most famous beards in Hollywood – Tom Hardy’s facial hair is famously on point. Though part of it is good grooming, somehow, he gets away with styles that would look scruffy rather than rugged. The secret? He takes good care of the hair on his head, too. It’s amazing how a slicked back hairstyle can turn a beard from unkempt mess to the epitome of manliness.

We’d recommend keeping it short and well groomed, rather than going all-out caveman right out of the gate. Pair your beard with a thick goatee and moustache, and don’t be afraid to run a comb through it every now and again. As it grows, you’ll learn the best techniques to look after it, and what sort of facial hair best suits your style. Before you know it, you’ll be rocking this look just like the man himself.

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