9 Questions with Aaron Gill

We caught up with Ex On The Beach star Aaron Gill to talk about his recent modelling shoot and all things summer 2019.

You’ve just been shooting for us in Marbella, how was that?

Shooting in Marbella was amazing because there is literally so many cool locations to shoot, every building has so much character and is so different, not to mention the beautiful beaches and good weather. Once the shoot was done, it was fun checking out the bars around town too ha.


What are your fave pieces from the Dead Legacy summer collection and why?

My favourite piece would have to be the black swim shorts and striped shirt two piece. I love the design, it defo stands out the fit is also👌🏻


What’s your go to alcoholic drink in summer? 

Pornstar Martinis are my go to summer drink, I love the passion fruit flavour 👌🏻


Messiest destination for a lads holiday? 

Ha Ibiza all day everyday! Me and the boys go every year and always end up in a pickle in Ocean Beach 💥


If you could only pack 3 things in your suitcase to take on holiday with you what would they be?

Tanning oil

Short shorts

A 3 litre bottle of grey goose.


If you had a cocktail named after you, what would it be called and why? 

“Smooth spicy bird nicker special”

I’m smooth with the ladies, my dress sense is spicy and I’m know for nicking lads birds haha 😉


What’s the one song that makes it feel like summer for you? 

Cola by Camelphatt – it came out when I was doing the season in Ibiza and it really gets me in the mood


Lays or Fanta lemon?

Fanta lemon all day


What clothes will you be living in this summer?

Short shorts

Opened shirts



Check out these snaps of Aaron in the Dead Legacy summer collection which will be dropping very soon… 

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