Cutting Edge – 5 Of The Best Men’s Razors

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As men, when we stand in front of the bathroom mirror in the morning, none of us really want to cut our faces open. But that’s exactly what a lot of us do anyway, sometimes on a regular basis. The actual event isn’t as scary as it first sounds, but it can be painful, and it’s always annoying. If that scenario seems familiar, we’ve got your back at Dead Legacy – here are our picks of the five sharpest razors around to keep your facial hair on point.

1. Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men’s Razor

Gillette has been dominating the razor scene for decades, and the Mach3 is unquestionably the big daddy of their recent releases. Its turbo cutting blades are supported by an ergonomic handle for easy control, and it’s got skin guard fins to guarantee a smooth shave. Plus, the responsive blade suspension keeps the blades in close contact with your skin, so you don’t get any of those annoying missed patches. The DuraComfort blades themselves do exactly what they say on the tin, and an extra lubricating gel strip helps to prevent razor burn. As razors go, we reckon it’s a pretty solid offering.

mach3 razor

2. Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Razor

We can’t help but take a bit of personal pride in this one, given that Wilkinson Sword has always been a true British classic. This particular razor has been six years in the making, and catering especially to the guy with sensitive skin (hey, there’s no shame in it). As well as skin-guards across five ultra-thin blades, and an advanced skin conditioner that provides soothing moisturiser as you shave, its chief selling point is the water-activated gel reservoir that’s specifically designed to protect skin from irritation. In fact, according to Wilkinson, this technology provides 40% less friction than a lubrication strip. We’re not quite expert enough to be able to tell the difference, but one thing’s for certain – the Hydro 5 does what it sets out to do, and with a certain amount of style, too.

3. Dorco Classic Razor

In case you’re not familiar with them, the Razor Wars is an admittedly awesome name for a slightly anticlimactic reality – it’s basically a battle between razor retailers for your business. Gillette is obviously the main key player, but in the last ten years or so South Korean company Dorco has been doing pretty well on the scene. Looking at their blades, it’s no wonder. Seven micro-positioned blades are used together with Calendula extract to soothe your dry skin, while the Dorco Classic’s super-soft textured wide bar massages your face and raises your hair follicles, making it easier and more comfortable to shave. Simple in principle, and effective in practice – we like it.

4. Gillette Fusion5 Proglide Power Men’s Razor

Gillette again, going with the tried-and-tested method of marketing to men, which is to make a broadly similar product but stick the word ‘Power’ in it, just in case. (Worked on us, though!) And in fairness, it’s not a word that’s in there randomly – the Fusion5’s main attraction is a vibrating handle for a closer shave. It also contains a small microchip to maintain a consistent battery voltage – so it doesn’t gradually slow down when the battery starts to die, which can be annoying if you’re mid-shave.

It’s got a couple of other points in its favour, too, like its thinner, finer blades and low resistance coating. That’s not to mention the precision trimmer with anti-clogging rinse slots. Nice, Gillette. Very nice.

proglide razor

5. Harry’s Razors

Speaking of upstart razor companies, you’ve probably already heard of Harry’s. It’s absolutely stormed the shaving market in recent years, providing good-quality products at reasonable prices, straight to your door. The nature of its service appeals to the couch potato in all of us, and that’s reason enough to like it on its own. But the quality of its razors sets it apart, too.

They’re not quite as high-tech as Gillette’s offerings, but go for a more minimalist approach, with a simple rubber handle (great for grip) and precisely honed edges on its blades. It’s also got cool little options like a travel blade cover, and the entire package is particularly cost effective. If you’re thinking about a subscription based shaving service, take it from us – it’s definitely worth a look.

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