4 ways to pump up your workout this summer

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The sun has got his hat on, so for many of us guys, it’s time to get back in shape. Chances are you’re already firing up your workout already, especially if you’re gearing up for a summer holiday abroad (perhaps in sunny Ibiza). While not absolutely essential, a toned physique is always a fantastic complement to perfecting your men’s urban style, so here are Dead Legacy’s inside tips on how to switch up your workout to the max.

1. Don’t underestimate bodyweight routines (or big-movement exercises)

According to Superman actor Henry Cavill – literally the Man of Steel – simple bodyweight routines are an often-overlooked workout essential. That’s not to say you can’t have machine workouts – the only thing is that they tend to isolate a single muscle. If you want a full body workout – and let’s be real, those get the best results – make sure to include pull-ups, press-ups and dips in your regular workout. It’s worth remembering that top athletes regard clean and jerks as the ultimate measure of strength because they use the most muscles, so they’re well worth thinking about, too. (And when you’re killing it in the gym, you can make sure you look extra-good doing it by shopping online for our Dead Legacy tracksuits!)


Remember, form is most important. Sure, higher numbers sound impressive, but there’s no point doing twenty reps if you’re not doing them properly. It’s far better to do five or ten and make sure your form is perfect. For example, on bench presses, our man Henry advises between five and eight on your final set. Make sure you’re being spotted – in other words, that someone is supporting you – and push until failure. It’s the best way to squeeze every last bit of effort from your body, so that you’re incinerating fat for hours after your workout. Top tip for sure, Henry.

2. Early bird gets the abs

Discipline is the hardest part to master – as a wise man once said, 80% of success is just turning up. With that in mind, start your day like a pro. Doing exercise first thing gets you fired up and ready for the day, and gives you a valuable opportunity to reinforce the goals you’re working towards in your evening seshes. For example, if you’re trying to add mass to a particular muscle group, focus on them in your morning session rather than introducing insane alterations to your evening workout routine. You might be amazed at how much difference 50 press-ups before breakfast can make to your body mass.

3. Don’t forget about your diet

Diet is a huge factor in your workout, and it’s one that many lads tend to neglect. Mr Olympia, Ryan Terry, says that his balance of diet to exercise is about 80/20. Think about that for a second. All that work you do on the bars, on the bench and on the mat – diet is four times more important than any of that. We’re not one for clichés here at Dead Legacy HQ, but you really are what you eat.

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Custom meal plans are the go-to tactic for Hollywood’s top fitness coaches. In other words, they recommend planning out your meals, and sticking to those plans. That doesn’t mean to say that you have to bid goodbye to pizza forever – what a world we’d live in otherwise – but if you’re really serious about the rest results, it’s best to relegate it to a single day per week. Planning and preparing your food in advance has another benefit, too, in that it takes less willpower to stick to it.

Predictably, the beers are what catch most guys out. The average pint of lager contains 180 calories – about the same as a slice of pizza. Again, it doesn’t mean you have to cut out alcohol entirely (and indeed, it might be a quiet Ibiza trip for you if you did) but it’s worth bearing in mind during the run-up to it!

4. Focus – and be patient!

Remember, building your beach body takes a bit of time. It’s not overnight, so don’t rush the process – building habits take time, too. You can start by setting yourself a goal, and sticking to it. Chopping and changing your training routine all the time has a name; it’s called Chaos Training. Which, OK, sounds awesome, but doesn’t help you to get best results. Even if you’ve only got a couple of weeks before you go away, that might not be time to build up everything, but you can still achieve a carefully-chosen goal. It’s all about discipline, so give yourself a chance to build some!

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